Audition Tracks

If you're called back for a role, familiarize yourself with the song(s) below for that role. Since callbacks are the night after auditions, you might as well learn them before auditions, in case we get feisty and decide to have a pop quiz. Everyone can learn the zombie chorus in Your Brains and the chorus for Code Monkey. We'll make it a sing-a-long for the whole crowd.

Use the tracks with vocals to learn the songs, but be prepared to sing with the tracks that don't have them.

Jonathan: Code Monkey | Code Monkey (no vocal)
Jonathan: I Feel Fantastic | I Feel Fantastic (no vocal)

Borland: Better | Better (no vocal)

Laura: The Big Boom | The Big Boom (no vocal)

Caroline: When You Go | When You Go (no vocal)
When You Go is an odd track, because the track without vocals is not from our concept recording. Don't let that throw you. Borland sings at the end of this, too, if you're called for Borland and feel like you don't have enough to do.

Jonathan & Caroline: Someone Is Crazy | Someone Is Crazy (no vocal)
You don't have to match Caroline's histrionics exactly. Make it your own.

Rob: Your Brains | Your Brains (no vocal)

The tracks are from a concept recording we made. The actors you hear are: Tyson Bates, Alyssa Hill, BJ Howard, Sarah Howard, and Devon Ellis.

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