Audition Info

The Show

The Big Bang Theory meets Scott Pilgrim powered by internet folk rock.

The Future Soon is a full length Broadway-style musical. The music of Jonathan Coulton was arranged by JeNeale Gunnell for the production. Gregg Irwin and Eric Shuss wrote the script and story. It's by geeks, for geeks (and their friends), filled with references to tech culture and fast-paced dialogue. Oh, and it has zombies. Singing zombies.


  • Auditions: Jan 18, 2016 7:30PM Treasure Valley Children's Theater
  • Callbacks: Jan 19, 2016 7:30PM Treasure Valley Children's Theater
  • Show Dates: Apr 1-2, 8-9 2016 AEN Playhouse, Boise


  • JONATHAN: A young roboticist: cocky, baritone
  • BORLAND: Jonathan's best friend: sensitive, tenor
  • CAROLINE: Bio-mech tech lead, becomes a cyborg: doesn't play well with others, alto
  • LAURA: Jonathan's love interest: caring, mezzo

Less singing involved for these roles:

  • NEIL: Senior code monkey (i.e. programmer): literal
  • LISA: The get-things-done code monkey: 'nuff said
  • MILO: Junior code monkey: the joker
  • ROB: Sleazy boss at Peratyn, becomes a zombie
  • YVETTE: Rob's attractive but none-too-bright assistant
  • BERNOULLI: Instructor at Vonnegut high-tech academy

Chorus of tech workers and zombies.

What to do

Prepare a song. It can be on your phone, a CD, or old-fashioned sheet music. It's a musical, but it's not Rogers and Hammerstein, so you can go non-traditional. If you're auditioning for one of the roles that require less singing, it would still be nice to hear you.

Be prepared to read. Expect some technical jargon. Links to some songs from the show are here. Check those out ahead of time, just in case. We'll use them at callbacks, or maybe even at auditions if people are up for it.

What will happen

It will be an open format audition. We'll start by telling you a little about the show and play a song or two. Next we'll have people sing, and then we'll read. Depending on how much time that all takes, we might take a short break for the casting team to chat and let you know right then who we want to see again. And if things go really well, or we all just can't tear ourselves away, we may do some more reading and singing.

We'll move fast and try to make it fun.

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