Cast List

Thanks to all who auditioned. We had so much fun, and will have much more as we mount the production.

You can see a video, created by Charles Phantana of Raven At Dusk Productions here

Performance Dates are Apr 1-2, 8-9 at Playhouse Boise. Roughly, rehearsals will start 01-Feb-2016 with a read-through and sing-through of the show, then 2 weeks of music, then blocking. We will get a schedule to you as soon as we can, along with scripts in PDF format and practice tracks. Hard-copy scripts will be handed out at the read-through.

Congratulations everyone!

Role Actor Understudy
Jonathan Tyson Bates
Borland Christian Grey
Caroline Whitney Ulmen
Laura Melanie Falls Katy Knight
Rob Joe Colletti Jonathan Perry
Yvette Sheila McCoy Katy Knight
Neil Curtis Ransom Nichole Stull
Lisa Jillian Durrant
Milo Travis McKnight
Bernoulli Doug Brinkman

Walk-on and smaller roles will be assigned from the ensemble.

Katy Knight
Solomon Peppley
Brynn LaFluer
Britney Adams
Amy Whitmore
Janeil Pluim
Nichole Stull
Agythe Shields

We also have some spots to fill on our production team, and we will have an initial technical production team meeting on 26-Jan-2016 at Playhouse Boise at 6PM. All are welcome, and tell your builder, computer, and media production friends to come and get the low-down on the high-tech.

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